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Getting your online course listed on Online Course Coupons is so easy.
1. Register for the site so you can update your information at anytime day or night while we are sleeping here in Idaho, USA. Wait for your confirmation e-mail and print a copy for your records.

2. Submit your course(s) using our course submission form. (Please note: If you have a lot of courses and to be fair to other instructors please submit 2 courses per week and not all at once.) Thanks!

Each of your course submissions should have a long-term (no coupons that expire please) discount coupon associated with it. Expired coupon codes do not make for a good student experience. We want happy students!  Free course promotions should be at least six months or longer and you should notify us when the offer ends so we can remove your listing. This makes for a better experience for those visiting the site looking for Udemy course discount offers. We love helping students get educated for less! Discounts should be at least 80% off but we will leave that up to you because it’s your wallet and we want you to be successful! We believe that courses that are $9.99, $10, $12, $15 or $19 have the best chance of success on the site and Online Course Coupons promotes $9.99 and $10 courses the most.

4. Feature Your Course On The Homepage, on Social Media and our email list:

How We Promote Your Course(s)

To Your Success!

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