Are you ready to meet your goals in 2016?

Self-Leadership System - How To Achieve 95% Of Your Goals!It seems like the new year always sneaks up on us and we wonder where the current year went. If you are like me you might already be thinking about your goals for 2016. I’m the techie type so I always have tried to keep my goals and to-do list (Wunderlist) on my smartphone or tablet. But after taking this course I have learned that to be successful it is best to write down your goals. This course by Vladimir Raykov has a total of 26 lectures, split into 7 sections and sprinkled with a few quizzes. Since taking the course I find that I’m more focused as I write my major goals on paper and on a dry erase board above my desk. I still have a ways to go and my goal for 2016 is less time on Facebook even though my business relies on social media and I consider myself a social media expert. But I have found that I get more done when I close Facebook which I did in order to get this post done.


“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

The first part the course teaches you how to change your way of thinking or your mindset. Then the rest focuses on goal setting, why you should set goals and then believing in yourself so you can reach your goals. Vladimir makes it easy to learn and presents the material in a manner that helps the information sink in to brain.

This course is well worth the $8 bucks and you will take away the information you need to get started on the right track in 2015. Take it now and be prepared for the new year.

Instructor Vladimir Raykov

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