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Bestselling Udemy Marketing Course! UDEMY Marketing: Know Where To Promote Udemy Course Coupons


Mention you enrolled here and I’ll give you 30 minutes of my time on Skype to talk about your Udemy course marketing goals.

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Udemy Course Marketing Checklist

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Leaped forward this week in traffic and search engine position

Thanks for the 30 minute discussion this week. Several things happened after our discussion.

First was that my additional marketing that you had suggested, generated another 120 students.

The second was that you had suggested that by generating more discussion interaction that might help my Udemy search engine position. It did. I made the coaching offer to my students which generated more discussions. I noticed that just as the number of discussions I had went one more than the #1 position for my keywords, that I suddenly went from my old position #5 to position #1. At least I believe that’s what it was. At the same time I was getting more students, but I believe it was the number of discussions. So I’m going to kick that up even further.

Take my latest Udemy course and discover 50+ different places to market your own Udemy course and earn more. I walk you through each site to show you how to add your coupons and I show you other ways to market your Udemy course. See what others are already saying about this course and then enroll today!


Want just the Course Marketing Checklist? Keep scrolling, it’s still free!

May 2015 Promo

What I did from my coupon promotions in May of 2015!


I made money from this course

Dennis has really helped me in marketing my first course here on Udemy. My course is now on the front page of the personal development, personal transformation section and is the highest selling course for goal setting on Udemy. I couldn’t have done it without Dennis and his marketing strategies. He has gone out of his way for me and his awareness of where to post coupons has made me money! This is a great course for those looking to market their courses and earn even more money. A++

Thanks a lot Dennis for creating this course

As a new online instructor I didn’t know how I could promote my courses online. Thanks to you I have created a check-list with all the places where I can promote my courses!

The Best Course On Promoting Your Udemy Course

Thank you for bringing all of this valuable information together. Now it is so much easier to promote my courses. Dennis has created a well-organized and structured course – I highly recommend it.

Bestselling Udemy Marketing Course! UDEMY Marketing: Know Where To Promote Udemy Course Coupons


Mention you enrolled here and I’ll give you 30 minutes of my time on Skype to talk about your Udemy course marketing goals.

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The following list contains free and discounted course coupon websites, Facebook Fan Pages and Groups and a Google Community where Udemy instructors can market their courses. Remember that websites typically use affiliate marketing in exchange for promoting your course which gives you more exposure. Refer to this link if you are not familiar with Udemy’s Affiliate Program. When you post in a Facebook Group make sure you are respectful of the groups posting guidelines so you are not spamming the group. You do not want to get yourself banned and risk losing your options for marketing your course.

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