Udemy UHangout with host Dennis J. Smith : How To Market Your Udemy Course With YouTube and Blogging

Are you struggling with your Udemy course marketing? Join me on this Hangout with Udemy Instructor Mitch Stevens while we talk about marketing your Udemy course using YouTube and blogging. Mitch and I share some great ideas to help increase your Udemy income using theses powerful marketing tools.. Here’s some of what we discussed during the Hangout:…


7 Tips from Udemy Instructors on keeping those Udemy sells chugging right along

I recently asked the question “What is your advice when sells are slow?” in my Facebook group “Udemy Course Marketing & Promotion Hangout” to see what kind of advice other Udemy instructors would offer when sells were slow. There are a lot of things instructors can do to maintain current courses and work on new courses to take advantage when…