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Welcome to Online Course Coupons! This site is the brainchild of Udemy Instructor and Serial Entrepreneur Dennis J. Smith. Online Course Coupons was created to help students find great discounts on Udemy and now Skillshare courses to learn new skills. Education should be affordable so that we can all learn and better our lives. Browse the site to find your favorite courses and the best price, learn a new skill and live a better life. Want an even better deal on online learning? Check out FreeCourseDaily.com and get a new course delivered to your inbox daily 365 days a year!


Hey, Instructors get your free course listing on Online Course Coupon!

Getting your fantastic course listed on Online Course Coupons is so easy and so free.

1. Register for the site so you can update your information at anytime day or night while we are sleeping. Wait for your confirmation e-mail and print a copy for your records.

2. Submit you course(s) using our course submission form and because we love you please submit all your courses or just a few. It is up to you!

3. Each of course submission should have a long-term (no coupons that expire) discount coupon associated with it. We love helping students get educated for less! 60% off or more would be cool but we will leave that up to you because it’s your wallet and we want you to be successful!

Getting Featured On The Homepage and on Social Media:

You can get your course featured on the Online Course Coupons homepage for more visibility. If you want your courses to be listed on homepage featured instructor section,  you pay just a cool low $30 for a month per course. You can also have your course put on the sidebar for just $5 bucks more so you get maximum course exposure. How cool is that? This monthly subscription gets a weekly promotion on various social media sites. This means your course will be promoted four fabulous times a month ( LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest ,etc.). We focus on Facebook and Twitter but also share courses on other social networking sites depending on the course. You can get started now by contacting us and letting us know which course you would like us to promote.

To Your Success!


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